The safety of our customers is very important to STP, which is why we have adopted the highest industry standards regarding safety.

Identify the most
common fraud:


Imitates call from bank executives - I was asked for my password or data in a pop-up screen, call or SMS.


No cost with any ERP either commercial or own development to automate the operations sent and received by SPEI®.


Copy the design of official pages - A pop-up screen appeared on my STP Financial Link.


Brings virus to your computers and devices - They sent me a link to download the STP App.

How to protect yourself:

Remember that STP is will NEVER request your personal data VIA SMS, mail or on pop-up screens.

Verify that the URL to Financial Link uses the HTTPS protocol, eg: https: // www… In addition, you can verify the validity of the STP Digital Certificate by clicking on the padlock that appears in the web browser next to the financial address link.

Contact STP customer service at 55 52 64 84 18 Option 2 - 2 if you suspect that your information has been compromised.

Preferably, DO NOT enter the STP Financial Link connected from public networks or in public spaces.

Frequently check bank statements for errors or unrecognizable charges.

Immediately report unrecognized transfers.

Install antivirus and antispyware software on your computer and keep it updated.

Keep all your personal files locked.

Keep the security patches in your operating system updated.

Lock your computer or cellphone before leaving it.

Don´t leave sessions open.


Your identity is yours only, keep it that way.

-If a person obtains your data or identifications, they can misuse them, benefit and harm you.

- Identity thieves can even go through the garbage to get your information. Before you throw away documentation about your operations, account statements and payment vouchers, destroy them completely.


- Share your personal information only with people who necessarily need to know it. Do not be afraid to refuse to disclose information such as personal data, full name, address, work, etc., unless you are the one who initiated the conversation and know well who you are dealing with.

Don't be fooled by scammers.

- Be aware of the ways in which identity theft is being committed, for example, through phishing or using fake internet sites, and learn how to avoid these traps.

- Pay close attention to any unexpected requests of information about your accounts.

- Never give out personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call. Never respond to emails that tell you that you have won a contest, giving you a proposal sent from another country or any emails than contain hyperlinks asking for any personal information.

Protección de clientes emisores:

En apego a la Circular 14/2017 emitida por Banco De México, STP cuenta con mecanismos de protección de clientes emisores para ordenes de transferencia aceptadas por SPEI no instruidas por ellos.

Sistemas alternos de envío y políticas de continuidad de negocio:​

STP reconoce que existen amenazas significativas ante la posibilidad de la ocurrencia de un incidente o desastre que afecte la operación, como también la necesidad de recuperarse en el menor tiempo posible.
Por lo anterior y en cumplimiento a la Ley para Regular las Instituciones de Tecnología y la Circular 14/2017, STP cuenta con procedimientos de continuidad operativa ante la ocurrencia de eventos que afecten la operación de STP.