Bureau of Financial

What is the Bureau of Financial Institutions?

It is a tool for consultation and dissemination with which you can learn about the products offered by financial institutions, their commissions and fees, the users’ complaints, the unhealthy practices they incur, the administrative sanctions imposed on them, the abusive clauses of the contracts and other information that is relevant to inform you about their performance.

With the Bureau of Financial Institutions, it will be possible to know who is who in banks, insurance, multi-purpose financial companies, savings banks, afores, among other entities.

You can compare and evaluate the financial entities, their products and services and have more elements to choose what suits you best.

This information will be useful to choose a financial product and also to know and use better the ones you already have. This Bureau of Financial Institutions is a tool that can contribute to the economic growth of the country by promoting competition among financial institutions; that will promote transparency by revealing information to users about performance and the products they offer and will facilitate the responsible management of financial products and services by knowing their characteristics in detail.

The above, may result in greater social welfare, because when combined in a single space the diverse information of the financial system, the user will have more elements to optimize their budget, to improve their personal finances, to use correctly the credits that will strengthen their economy and obtain the insurance that protects it, among other aspects.

The information presented below corresponds only to the information published in the Bureau of Financial Institutions of CONDUSEF on TRANSFER AND PAYMENT SYSTEM STP, S.A. DE C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R. to know the information of the entire sector you can access the site http://www.buro.gob.mx

Protección de clientes emisores:

En apego a la Circular 14/2017 emitida por Banco De México, STP cuenta con mecanismos de protección de clientes emisores para ordenes de transferencia aceptadas por SPEI no instruidas por ellos.

Sistemas alternos de envío y políticas de continuidad de negocio:​

STP reconoce que existen amenazas significativas ante la posibilidad de la ocurrencia de un incidente o desastre que afecte la operación, como también la necesidad de recuperarse en el menor tiempo posible.
Por lo anterior y en cumplimiento a la Ley para Regular las Instituciones de Tecnología y la Circular 14/2017, STP cuenta con procedimientos de continuidad operativa ante la ocurrencia de eventos que afecten la operación de STP.